About Me

Most people live by default. They believe things like “that’s just the way I am” and “that’s just the way life is”.


The truth is- you can do and be and have whatever you believe is possible. And you get to decide what you believe. It all starts with learning to manage your thoughts.


I can teach you how. Because I practiced on myself.

I used to be an overweight, unhappy, serial dieter. I couldn’t lose weight, no matter how much I deprived or restricted myself. I felt defeated, and lacked confidence.


Now I am a healthy, happy, long-distance runner. I travel and run in the most beautiful places on earth. I’m living my dream life.


You can live your dream life too.


That's what I want for you -to be free from obsessive thinking about the scale, and your body, because you have more important things to think about. You have a dream life to live, a unique purpose on this planet- Isn’t it time for you to get out there and start living your dream?

What I Help You Do

  • End your battle with your body

  • Lose extra weight without dieting

  • Recognize what sabotages your success

  • Learn healthy habits that work in the real world

  • Give up settling for less and start living the life you dream of


What I Don’t Do:

  • Promise you’ll lose “X” lbs. in “X” days

  • Tell you what to eat

  • Put you on a diet, or restrict foods

  • Tell you it will be easy

  • Recommend cleanses, shakes and “magic” supplements


What You'll Do:

  • Practice thinking "on purpose"

  • Be open to new foods, ideas, and habits

  • Prioritize commitments to yourself

  • Listen to your body’s wants and needs

  • Bring curiosity and fun to this process

It is such a radical act to love yourself.

-Christiane Northrup