• Anne B Grossman

Do You Ever Feel Inadequate? Here's What Happened To Me

“I don’t have any will power.”

“I don’t know how to do it.”

“I can’t, I’ve never been able to.”

“I’m just not good at…..”

Feeling inadequate is a choice. Did you know that?

Feeling inadequate is a really good place to stay stuck, or to hide, or to make excuses to keep doing (or not doing) something even though it's holding us back in some way.

Just this morning, we were on a trail, and came to a creek crossing. The creek was really high, wider and faster than I’d ever seen it. My partner crossed on a fallen log. I started across, holding on to a low branch, but when I had to let go of the branch, I told him “I can’t.”Then I told him “Yes, I can.” And I did. Just like that. It was so subtle and swift, but it struck me.

The only thing that had changed in that split second was my thought of adequacy. Right? The stream, the water, the size of step I had to take were all exactly the same.

Try it sometime soon. Next time you hear yourself say you can’t or make an excuse for your ability, think a new thought and just do the thing! See what happens. Even if you fail, I bet you’ll feel so much stronger and more empowered than if you had believed your old story. You might even decide to try it again, and again, until you do it.

Because you CAN do it. I believe in you. And I'll be right here, Cheering you on!

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