This 5 session group coaching course combines weekly topics, one-on-one coaching, and action items to offer you radical change without rules, restrictions or diets. Here's what you can expect:

  • Find freedom from emotional eating & cravings 

  • Learn how to maintain your healthiest weight forever, without dieting

  • Discover the best way to create habits for long-lasting results 

  • Apply mindset tools in this program to accomplish any goal you set 

  • Stop settling for less, and start turning dreams into reality

Transformation starts when you do. Every session will include:

  • Weekly topic and group discussion 

  • Opportunity to be coached on your individual questions and challenges

  • Action Items to keep you moving forward between sessions

  • Mindset tools to harness the change-making power of your brain

  • Daily support and encouragement in our private Facebook group

What We'll Cover:

  • Why Diets Don't Work, and What to Do Instead

  • What to Eat for High Energy and Easy Weight Loss without Dieting

  • Why Exercise is a Game-Changer (And How To Make It a Habit That Sticks)

  • The Real Deal on Self-Care- It's not all Bubble Baths & Pedicures

  • How to Manage Your Mind To Create the Change You Want and Succeed at Any Goal  

In Person Class

  • Meets 5:30-7:00 pm

  • Brix & Columns Winery

  • August 28 - Sept 25

  • Daily support and community in private FB group

Online Class

  • Lessons delivered weekly by Email

  • Daily support and community in private FB group

  •  Weekly online coaching calls

  • Benefits and quality coaching as in person option - without leaving home!

2 Options

Choose the One that Fits  Your Life

What People Say

"I eat healthier foods. I still have a dessert- But I can tell that I have more energy And I have more control over snacking I Am going to keep it up!"- Mary V

"Anne listens to everything I am thinking and feeling. Her insights and direction are always on target. She provides me with the tools needed to deal with life challenges and to help decide what I really want and need in my life. I feel very supported and challenged in attaining of my goals." - Mary A

"I’m doing well on nutrition and fitness. Working out 4-5 times weekly. All of the support and suggestions you provided were extremely helpful. I benefit from your feedback, skills building, attitude boosters and mental Re-Frame’s. In other words the coaching and your help were perfect. And helpful." – J.R. 

"Yesterday’s session was awesome. You are definitely doing the work you were born to do." -Cathy

If you're ready to start living the life you want, in a body you love, if you're curious about coaching, if you need an affordable and effective way to get started - then you're ready for Transformation, Simplified! 

© 2019 by Anne B Grossman.